COIPA INTERNATIONAL, signed an Memorandum of Understanding on 14th February, with THE STATE GOVERNMENT OF MARIDI STATE, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN.
For the Development of the State, in Energy, Electricity, Real Estate, Mining, Agriculture & Construction, airports, industries.


Coipa International has received the prestigious assignment relating to the management and promotion of the "Waterfront Project" located in the Gulf of Lamezia Region of Calabria Italy.
The project is aimed at developing in the region new tourist ports (which at the moment is lacking in relation to the approximately 800 km of coasts present), as well as to strengthen the existing airports. In particular, the project involves the construction in the former Sir area of 200 hectares of a new high target tourist sector, to be proposed on the international market.
The project is characterized by a large internal dock with 2300 mooring places and maintenance shipyards, buildings of architectural and environmental value, built according to the most recent sustainability guidelines, by some recreational attractions, including an aquatic park Hotels, restaurants, mall and an 18-hole golf course.
New investments are expected to be closely connected with the construction of the port such as renewable energy, domotics, and bio-agriculture.

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Protocollo d'intesa
Giunta regionale
Regione Calabria Reg Sed 30/12/2019
Bollettino Ufficiale Regione Calabria

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